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Christina Barry


Meet Christina


I'm a tutor in the Washington, DC area. I enjoy developing and applying strategies to help students overcome academic hurdles. Few things motivate me like seeing the "Aha!" moments students experience as they develop their academic capabilities.


After several years of teaching in elementary school classrooms, I have valuable perspective on learning and child development. Through my experience tutoring children in Maryland, DC, and Virginia in grades one through six, I am also familiar with the curricula used by local schools. This background informs my approach to tutoring; I believe in balanced lessons that stay within children’s attention spans and include a variety of different activity types…

tutoring in math facts, computation, and word problems in the Washington, DC area
Advice and Tips Blog


I offer an educator's perspective on issues related to school and homework, writing about how families can work with their children to ensure that what is learned in the classroom continues at home.

Christina Barry tutors math, reading, writing, study skills, and organization in the Washington, DC area
Private Tutoring Services


I provide in-home private tutoring for elementary school-aged children. In consultation with parents, I tailor my approach to best meet children’s learning

needs so that each student receives a lesson that has been created especially for him or her. While homework help is part of what I can provide , I like to dig deeper into what students need …

reading comprehension, reading fluency tutoring in the Washington, DC area
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