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Quiz me, Mom!

Surely one of the most common answers when one asks a child how he will study for an assessment is “I’ll have my mom or dad quiz me.” While such a review strategy can, indeed, be helpful, it does not teach children study skills. Nor does it give children a strategy they can use if adults are not available. Below are some ideas for how to study independently. Try teaching these strategies at home. Older children may benefit from having a printed study strategies menu that they can consult when they review for tests.

  • Review homework and classwork for the unit. Check any corrections to that work. Retry problems you answered incorrectly the first time.

  • Re-read notes and handouts for any topic that seemed difficult. Consult your textbook, talk to a friend, or meet with your teacher if any topics are still unclear.

  • Write a summary of what you have learned in the unit. Consult your notes, class work, homework, and textbook to make sure that the information you write is accurate.

  • Try unassigned questions from the textbook. Look for questions where there is an answer key in the book.

  • Check your online textbook or textbook publisher’s to see if any practice questions or quizzes are available.

  • Check your class website for online study resources.

  • Create flashcards for vocabulary or facts. These can be hand written or made using an online tool like Quizlet.


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