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Why try summer tutoring?

Are you considering whether tutoring should be a part of the summer activities mix for your family? The time between school years is perfect for getting extra help or an academic boost. It is also an opportunity test out tutoring if you’ve been wanting to give it a try. Read on to discover all of the ways that a tutor can help your child during this break.

Catching up and sharpening skills

If you saw a pattern this school year that indicated your child missed important academic goals, summer is an opportunity to catch up. Tutors have the content knowledge and the teaching skill to address any area where children are not yet proficient. Coaching from a tutor can also help children to feel more confident and relaxed when the material at school has seemed just outside their skill level.

As well, teachers will recommend that some children work on specific skills over the summer – learning math facts, reviewing spelling words, or reading, for example. You may have received such a recommendation during a parent-teacher conference or in a report card comment. Tutors can ensure that your child will get her review work completed. Strengthening academic skills over the break helps the next school year to get off to a much smoother start.

Your child has summer assignments

Many area schools give summer assignments like reading lists or math packets to help prevent the “summer slide,” a loss in skills during the break. Unfortunately, many children can't divide the work and monitor their progress toward completion without an adult's help. However, parents can get frustrated by having to give reminders about summer work and having to keep track of progress. Regular tutoring appointments can be a less stressful way to complete these summer assignments.

You want your child to focus on new or different skills

Your child may benefit from honing her skills in topics that are not currently prioritized at her school. Writing composition, handwriting, keyboarding, and computer literacy can all be helpful life skills that support academic achievement. If you feel that your child does not get enough exposure to these topics during the school year, consider summer tutoring.

You want to fill time constructively

Perhaps partial-day camps and the lack of homework leave your family with a greater amount of unscheduled time than you would like. If that time gets filled more with screens and sibling squabbles than carefree play, tutoring can be a solution.

Your child feels unconfident about his or her academic abilities

Some children worry about their academic performance despite achieving up to expectations. Having some extra practice on academic skills and cheerleading from a personal tutor can help boost confidence before the next school year.

If you would like to learn more about summer tutoring or discuss your family's needs, please get in touch. I can be reached at 202.327.3104.


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