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Time to Book Summer Tutoring

summer tutoring; reading in a treehouse

With warmer days and even afternoon thunderstorms, it’s starting to feel like summer is around the corner. You may have even noticed that your child’s school work seems to be tapering off now that June is just weeks away. It’s the perfect time to relax and enjoy all of the accomplishments of the school year.

This is also a good opportunity to start thinking about whether summer tutoring might be a good fit for your family. Without the burden of homework and the mental fatigue of a full school day, summer is ideal for honing skills a student needs to be more successful and independent during the next school year. Tutoring is also one tool that can prevent summer skills loss.

Please get in touch if you’d like to give summer tutoring a try. In the past I have offered the following services to local families:

  • Reading fluency practice

  • Reading comprehension strategies

  • Spelling skills review

  • Arithmetic skills review

  • Word problem solving attack strategies

  • Math facts memorization practice

  • Informational writing practice

  • Creative writing practice

  • Assistance with completion of summer reading and math packets

I am available to assist families for single visits, short-term engagements, or ongoing tutoring. I will have afternoon and evening availability in June through August. Based on my existing clients and schedule, I will be able to take on new clients in the following locations:

  • Northwest DC

  • Capitol Hill

  • Langley, Virginia

  • Chevy Chase, Kensington, and Bethesda, MD

Contact me at or 202.327.3104 for more information.


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