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Learning Resolutions: Keep Up With a Plan Book

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I’m wishing you all a happy New Year, readers. As we head into January and the second half of the school year, you and your children might be thinking about how to restore good routines and start some new learning habits. In this post and future writings I’ll be sharing a bit about learning resolutions that will support those goals.

My first learning resolution for 2019 has to do with organization. For students who have multiple homework assignments per night and multi-night assignments, the foundation for organization is keeping a plan book. Even in the digital era, I’m a big fan of paper planners. They help younger people, who are naturally concrete thinkers, so much. I’ve written more about the reasons I recommend paper plan books in the blog post "Write It Down." A lot of children are great at remembering the list of things they must do each night, but not as good at prioritizing that list and planning out on what days they will do multi-day tasks. That's where having a paper calendar can be really helpful. (Also, some of the students who claim to be great at remembering their homework assignments do forget some of them on occasion.)

If your child has gotten out of the plan book habit, the changing of the calendar year is a great time for a reset. Start with regular check-ins and incentives to keep up with good habits.


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