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Inspiration to Write More

In a recent learning resolutions blog post, I encouraged my readers to get their children to write more often. Admittedly, getting started can be a little intimidating. Sometimes the right tools can be inspiring, however. For a little motivation, here are a few interesting writing journals for students that may just kick-start your kiddo's inner author.

image of the cover of Me: A Compendium

Me: A Compendium is a hard-cover journal filled with colorful pages. It gets youngsters up to about age nine to write about what they know best. The spaces for drawing will hook kiddos who enjoy art and will encourage deeper development of written expression. The prompts on the pages are interesting and open-ended like "something that nobody knows about me," "If I were an underwater sea creature, this is what I would be," and "the best part about school." Parents' reviews often note that it makes a lovely keepsake when it has been completed.

image of the cover of Finish This Book

Wreck This Journal author Keri Smith has come out with a new, similar title, Finish This Book. The recipient of the book is tasked by Smith to become a sleuth who observes the world around him or her and writes about it. The pages are full of witty prompts in a variety of formats, and there is plenty of space to include drawings and found items. Not only do the prompts encourage more frequent writing, they also promote problem solving and creativity. Writers are instructed not to move on to the next page until the previous page is complete, so there is a slight risk that children may stall while working their way through this wonderful book. It's best for ages 10 and up, and some adults may even find that they enjoy it.

sequined journal picturing a llama
blue marbled blank journal

For children who already have great ideas they want to write about, all that's needed is an inviting blank book. Who can resist a journal with a fun cover? I picked up this sequined llama journal from a local gift shop last winter, but it is also available online from Venees and Swoozie's. Other children may like the grown-up look of a marbled journal, like the pictured one, which I found at Barnes & Noble. Fun spots to shop online for attractive blank notebooks and journals are Target, Paper Source, and MochiThings. Local book stores also tend to carry a good variety of journals.

Happy writing!


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