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Another Math Tool Your Upper Elementary Child Needs

transparent ruler with metric and standard markings

The second half of the school year is a time when many math upper elementary curricula begin exploring geometry and graphing. As well, students in the fifth and sixth grades may be doing more graphing work in science class. While it's often left off of school supply lists, a ruler is a helpful tool to have around, particularly for homework assignments. I recommend a colorless, transparent ruler that allows children to see graph lines and angle rays underneath it. The one pictured above is just six inches long, so it fits easily within a pencil case and on a open textbook page (buy it on Amazon). While it may seem strange to mention, it's an easy thing for us adults to overlook. You might be surprised by the number of students I encounter who do not have an accurate way of measuring or a high-quality straight edge when they are working on math and science assingments.


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