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What's Your Snow Day Plan?

The first batch of wintry weather this season is hitting the Mid-Atlantic today. Students and some teachers may be starting to dream of future snow days now that winter has arrived. But, thanks to technology, your child's school may expect that students do more than play in the snow and enjoy hot chocolate on days when school is closed for inclement weather. With Google Classroom and other online learning software, it is relatively easy for teachers to assign independent work even when the school building is closed. Ignoring these assignments can mean missing points or being behind when school reopens. Before our first winter school closures, it is a good idea for parents to make sure they understand what teachers' policies and expectations for snow days are. Check syllabi and class websites for more information. Keep in mind too that teachers, who may not expect students to work through snow days at the beginning of the season, sometimes change their policies in late winter or spring if they are having trouble covering the required material that will be appearing on spring standardized tests.


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