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Greetings, everyone! As we start off the second week of dramatically altered lives due to the COVID-19 virus, it seems like life has been different for much longer. I have been isolating at home with my husband and our pets for the past nine days. I really miss seeing my students and their families. You all enrich my life in innumerable ways. I count myself as fortunate to have been able to “see” many of you through my computer camera recently. While it is not a perfect substitute for in-person contact, having a sense of routine and getting to see your smiles has been lovely. I hope that you too have found small moments of joy and pleasant distraction in the midst of the fresh challenges that we are encountering.

Last week was “a journey” as the social media personalities say. We all discovered in real time that wireless bandwidth can be limited at midday when we need it most for work and educational purposes. Every adult who has raised or taught a child knows the importance of routine, and yet we hoped to persist in the absence of routine last week –or while forging brand new routines. We encountered perplexing contradictions, like more time at home does not necessarily mean having more free time. Everyone with whom I have chatted is just doing the best that they can. A lot of you parents appear to be doing amazing from what I can see on social media and through Web-camera lenses. I am sending you my best wishes and my admiration.

I will continue to post activity ideas to Facebook when I come across worthwhile things to try. Some will be fun and others will be educational. These posts are suggestions meant to combat boredom and provide enrichment while classrooms are shuttered. I do not expect that you are building perfect, 24-7, magical learning castles. (But if that is your style, that is wonderful too.) If you have found activities that you love, please feel free to share them too.

Thank you to my clients who continue to support me during this time! I appreciate your continuing business and referrals. May you stay in good health and in good spirits!


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